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Re: "Edit PPA dependencies", how to add "cloud-archive:kilo" as a PPA dependency?


On 3 Jul 2015 8:15 am, "Thiago Martins" <thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Guys,
>  I need to add the repository “cloud-archive:kilo” as a dependency for my
own PPA.
>  How can I do that?
>  When I tried to add “cloud-archive:kilo” to my PPA, Launchpad returns
“Invalid value”…
>  Any tips?
>  Thanks in advance!
> Cheers!
> Thiago

You can't currently use cloud-archive:kilo, either release pocket or
proposed as a dependency in your own Launchpad PPA.

You can get pretty close, by using ppa:ubuntu-cloud-archive/kilo-staging,
which is what WILL become the next -proposed.

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker