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Remastersys now LinuxRepin - What happen with Ubuntu





Fork of remastersys - updates

This tool is used to backup your image, create distributions, create live
cd/dvds. install respin

If you are using Ubuntu - Consider switching to Debian. This is NOT for
Ubuntu. Debian. In the past, Ubuntu packages, dependency information and
such was available. Thanks to a few choice words by some Ubuntu users, that
changed on July 25, 2017! Thank you.

u·bun·tu ˌo͝oˈbo͝on(t)o͞o/ noun Definition: I cannot configure Debian.

Sentence use: I do not care about community - I use Ubuntu!

See also: Ughbuntu or Uhbuntu

There is a gui available. I will post this soon. Using the gui, you can
change the boot screen.

There is an Ubuntu developer on this project. His name is Chamuco.

So, if you need support or have suggestions, his project is on launchpad
along with all accompanying files.

Now, I'm focusing on Trisquel because a privacy lab at an Ivy league was
asking about respin... and I'm all over that! Sorry Ubuntu users... you are
on your own.

That being said, I think Ubuntu has some backup tools you could use. Maybe
something GUI based.

The problem here is I actually had some Ubuntu users demanding I make a
server edition and make features for them.

Uh... yea.

And the reason remastersys was abandoned and we picked up the project was
because the dev was tired of being barraged by users like this requesting

It's open. Make some!

The Ubuntu "community" has not even contributed one single line of code,
not one single ";" to the Ubuntu version.

However, for the Debian version, someone wrote a front end, people did
testing, they contributed ideas and code for opitmization.

The thing is ... Ubuntu is NOT a community distro. It's a business. You may
as well use Winblows.

Remember, if you are creating a distro for public use, to use your own
trademarked icons for the menu, etc. You can change these easily by
researching the process for your particular base. You can change the
plymouth theme also.

Maintaining a distro is important. Remember to build a community around
your distro if that is what you want. Customizing and creating distro can
be fun and challenging. Also, this is a great way to learn more about
distros and GNU Linux!


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