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Re: Rejected: Mismatch in binaryfulness. (arch) False != (files) True


On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 04:28:58PM +0200, Tomasz Muras wrote:
> I have a source files: http://muras.eu/moosh_0.26.orig.tar.gz
> and the debianised version: http://muras.eu/moosh-package_0.26.tar.gz
> I extract moosh-package_0.26.tar.gz and build it with;
> dpkg-buildpackage
> I then run:
> export VERSION=0.26
> export DEB_VERSION=1
> dpkg-genchanges -S >../moosh_$VERSION-${DEB_VERSION}_amd64.changes
> debsign ../moosh_$VERSION-${DEB_VERSION}_amd64.changes
> dput -f ppa:zabuch/ppa ../moosh_$VERSION-${DEB_VERSION}_amd64.changes

Don't do it like this.  Instead, just do:

  dpkg-buildpackage -S
  debsign -S
  debrelease -S ppa:zabuch/ppa

You don't need to manually construct the .changes file name like this;
and if you do, then it needs to be *_source.changes, not


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx]