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Re: launchpad dput/FTP package by team?


On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 12:42:23PM -0800, Pei Jia wrote:
>  1. Several days after *dput* ,  there is *NO* package updating at all
>     on launchpad, it looks I didn't have "*Signed Ubuntu Code of
>     Conduct*" activated.

Signing the Ubuntu code of conduct is not a requirement for uploading to

>  2. I tried to /gpg -u XXXXXXXX --clearsign
>     UbuntuCodeofConduct-2.0.txt.asc/, by using my *team* account, but
>     *NOTHING* happened again. Therefore, I use my *personal* account
>     instead, and this time, I got "*Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct*"
>     registered as "*Yes*". However, I seriously prefer using my *team*
>     account to upload my package, instead of personal account.

It is not clear what you mean by "personal" and "team" accounts.
Launchpad has teams, but they don't have associated accounts.  You'll
need to be more specific.

In general, the key that you use to sign your upload is used to select a
Launchpad account that will be identified as the uploader of the
package, and that account must have permission to upload to the relevant

>  3. Anyway, I dput with my personal account this time, and it's 1 day
>     already again. *NOTHING* has ever been uploaded to launchpad.


As far as I can tell from the logs, the key that you used to sign the
upload hasn't been published to keyserver.ubuntu.com or wasn't
associated with your Launchpad account at the time of the upload.  Make
sure that you've followed the relevant parts of
https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey to publish
and import the correct key.

>  4. I tried to connect launchpad *FTP* via Filezilla, and I got the
>     following info:

Launchpad runs a custom FTP server that (among other things) doesn't
make previous uploads visible when you connect in a subsequent FTP
session, so it's not useful to try to check this way.

Regarding your actual upload, since I'm the upstream and Debian
maintainer of the package in question, I feel qualified to comment that
it's not at all clear why you're uploading this to a PPA in the first
place (especially with an unconventional version number that lacks a
packaging revision component) rather than simply using the perfectly
good existing packaging in Ubuntu.  I'd rather that you didn't
proliferate unrelated versions of the packaging of this library when
it's not needed.

Also, you're not permitted to upload binary packages to PPAs in any
circumstances; we only accept source packages.  See
https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage and
related pages.


Colin Watson                                    [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]