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Re: (no subject)


On Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 08:20:22AM +0200, Slammin' wrote:
> Hello, so I got an empty e-mail from no_reply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, I do not
> understand why my package is not uploaded to launchpad, can you help me ?

Your most recently rejected upload was with this error message:

  2019-07-27 05:59:35 DEBUG   Rejected:
  2019-07-27 05:59:35 DEBUG   dalist: no @ found in email address part.
  2019-07-27 05:59:35 DEBUG   Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.

You must have written just "dalist" in either the Maintainer field of
debian/control or the email address part of the trailer line (the one
that starts with " -- ") in the topmost entry in debian/changelog.  Both
of these must be an actual email address.

You're also apparently trying to upload a binary package (a .deb) to
Launchpad.  This is not permitted; Launchpad only accepts source package
uploads.  See https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading.

Colin Watson                                    [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]