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Re: Version older than that in the archive


On Wednesday, November 25, 2020 10:24:05 AM EST Colin Watson wrote:
> For this time, you'll have to manually remove 0.5.1rc3-3 first, after
> which you should be able to upload 0.5.1-1.  However, any systems that
> have the old version installed won't automatically upgrade to the new
> version, because 0.5.1rc3-3 < 0.5.1-1 in dpkg's version ordering.  If
> that's important to you, then you'll need to work around that somehow.
> I might be inclined to artificially change the version to something like
> 0.5.1+0-1 instead, which actually is greater than 0.5.1rc3-3 and
> shouldn't risk confusion with future upstream releases, but it may
> depend slightly on your relationship with upstream.

This is my testing repo; release candidates don't go in my release repo (which 
is still empty, as I'm still learning how to package and need someone to test 
it). Do I have to wait six hours before uploading 0.5.1?

I am upstream; this is a program I'm writing.

> For next time, 0.5.1rc3-3 should have been spelled 0.5.1~rc3-3 instead,
> and then the ordering would work properly.

Does this ordering hold in pkg, pkgsrc, and other package managers? Should I 
number release candidates that way when I tag them?


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