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Re: Fixing broken library package


On Wednesday, December 23, 2020 6:33:31 AM EST Colin Watson wrote:
> You have a few problems here.
> 1) The upstream build system installs to .../usr/lib/lib*.so.*, but in
>    the version of your packaging that I downloaded
>    debian/plytapus1.install says "usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*", not
>    "usr/lib/lib*.so.*" as you quoted above.  You need to drop the "/*"
>    bit.

Already done, and yes, I did use dh-make.

> 2) debian/control has the runtime library package name as "plytapus",
>    which means that debian/plytapus1.* are entirely ignored.
> 3) Library package names should start with "lib".


> 4) The "1" bit is currently incorrect anyway;
>    https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-sharedlibs.html says that
>    it should match the version number in the library's SONAME, which in
>    this case is "0.6.0" (you can use "objdump -p" on the .so file to see
>    it).  You'll need to make sure to change this any time the upstream
>    SONAME changes.

Set to 0.6.0.

> 5) It looks as though you aren't currently setting a SONAME explicitly

I think it should be 0.6, as patch version changes should not affect the ABI. 
I'll change that when I release 0.7. I may make a version 0.6.1 and change it 

I took over this library from someone who no longer had time to maintain it. 
He originally wrote it on Windows and got it to compile on Linux; I fixed 
reading and writing big-endian files (but haven't yet tested on a big-endian 

Could you also answer on Ask Ubuntu? On https://askubuntu.com/, it's tagged 
[ppa], [packaging], and [libraries], and is still near the top.


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