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Re: A problem with changelog


On Sat, Jan 09, 2021 at 06:42:09PM +0100, Davide Castellani wrote:
> Good morning,
> I recently tried to push one .deb package (sources:
> https://github.com/CastellaniDavide/create_structure/tree/debian-package/debian)
> into my ppa on your platform,
> Anytime I have a message like this:
> Rejected:
> Unable to find distroseries: unstable
> Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.
> createstructure (7.0) unstable; urgency=low
> ---
> I  tried to change the version, state and urgency lots of time, but the
> result is the same: another one error.
> Please can you help me?

You'll want to replace unstable with a series of Ubuntu e.g. focal.

Brian Murray