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Re: Moving on from Freenode


Hello my fellow libravatars,

As you might already noticed things have changed around the chats. We
moved on from Freenode and finished the expected new setup today.

The new room matrix room is set up and polished:

The name is #libravatar:matrix.org

However, the name mentioned in my previous e-mails still work and
you'll end up in the same room. \o/

Now to those who still have concerns about matrix. No one is left
behind! (Unless they are only on freenode, in this case sorry 🤷) We
setup a bridge to the new IRC room on libera.chat, which is called:
#libravatar (who would have guessed that?) I still encourage you to try
to hang around on matrix since it's just more fun. 😉

With this being said, we are currently providing the last updates to
the contact pages and alike, to make sure everyone finds the right
direction. Maybe our social media pages also need an update or a post
to inform everyone about the change.

I'm really looking forward to more adventures with this community on
the new communication infrastructure and let's push federated avatars
forward! See you around!


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