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Heads up: Slight API break imminent


Hi all,

I am working on a branch,
lp:~libzeitgeist-developers/libzeitgeist/fts-api, that lands API for
talking to the Zeitgeist FTS extension you may have heard about.

For this to work cleanly I had to wrap the returned events in a
ZeitgeistResultSet and not just a GPtrArray because we want to return
the total hit count as well.

Quickly realizing just how much nicer a ZeitgeistResultSet is to work
with compared to a GPtrArray I swicthed over
zeitgeist_log_find_events_finish(), zeitgeist_log_get_events_finish(),
and the signal ZeitgeistMonitor::events-inserted to pass a
ZeitgeistResultSet where they passed a GPtrArray before.

I hope to land this branch later today.

Sorry for the inconvenience... Cheers!