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Short term administrivia, intros



we mostly interact over IRC but we could improve communication with some
emails from time to time.
These are a few things we could do short term in order to move the project
forward while Alessandro
is taking a few months break.

- put this list addres in the IRC topic and use it more for development
discussion, as we are not always
face to face on IRC and for some things mail is a better medium

- continue moving off sourceforge. github is obviously the best place for
code collaboration, Launchpad is
ok for bugs and mailing list so the only thing sourceforge has now is its
trac wiki. I suggest we put some
wiki content in github even though it is a bit unlike other wikis.
I added this start of a site support page, useful for users and testers
Other content from sourceforge should be moved as well if we agree it is
better to keep things in github

- state personal interest areas in the project and what everyone is working
on. I'll start :)
   I am interested in making LS run well on ARM devices, which initially
means finishing the GLES2 port
and fixing ARM/GL related bugs and performance problems until it is on par
with the desktop version feature-wise
and usable.

- get more people involved in the project. There are some aspects of it
where the barriers of entry should be reasonable,
for instance writing actionscript tests, coordinated testing of various
flash content, small coding tasks which do not require
knowledge of flash at all - mostly cleanups.

- once there is some progress we can think of how to do releases. Both flash
based sites and lightspark itself change frequently
so it makes sense to get releases out more often, when a tangible benefit to
users exists.


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