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Experimental EGL/GLES2 support commited



I commited the build options and initial code to make LS work with
So far I only tested with Mesa 7.11 on x86 but will test more on ARM in the
following period using
the various closed source and often buggy GL stacks.

To test
$rm CMakeCache.txt
$cmake -DENABLE_GLES2=1 . && make

it should work just like the GL build on regular desktops, but let me know
if there's any issue you hit.
Those of you knowledgable of GL feel free to review the patches and suggest
There's a known hack in the GLES2 codepath currently, namely not using the
chunked texture feature.
I need to figure out how to make up for the lack of glPixelStorei and
handling of various unpack strides
on pixel buffers, and then this hack can hopefully go away.