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Re: External interface


I wrote most of that stuff.
The main thing that is missing now is supporting the external interface when the plugin is in Gnash fallback mode. Since we can actually still communicate with gnash during the fallback (via the stdin/stdout pipes), we should forward all external interface calls we receive from the browser to Gnash (and also the other way around).

Gnash does the same thing with their own plugin, so we can just create a new ExternalInterface backend to marshall all calls to Gnash using their XML format. However, I have never gotten around to doing this and I won't have any time for it any time soon.

I hope this clarifies the todo entry a bit.


On 03-10-11 17:23, Jani Monoses wrote:

I saw the roadmap/todo says External Interface needs to be finished.
Does anyone here know what exactly is missing/incorrect at this moment?