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[Fwd: Funding for Lightspark Development]


Hi everyone,

I've received this proposal from the ThinkPenguin.com CEO. I'd like to
receive feedback from the community about this possibility. Moreover,
since I have a job that involves improving lightspark, I would prefer
not to handle any eventual money coming from this agreement myself. So
it would also be nice if someone could step up to be a reference for
this aspect.

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We have an interest in supporting a free flash implementation and were
wondering if you would be interested in working with us in a mutually
beneficial arrangement. We are currently working with Trisquel project to
help raise funds for the distributions development. While not much every
little bit helps.

We are focused on GNU/Linux and more importantly free software support. We
sell computers, accessories, and other GNU/Linux hardware. Part of what we
are doing is simply trying to reduce the difficulty in moving away from
non-free platforms. We are working on various plug-ins in this regard to
help users around hostile web sites as well as ship free software friendly
hardware. None of the products in our catalog are dependent on non-free
drivers or firmware. The BIOS and some microcode being an exception at

We don't ourselves have any significant stream of money coming in at
present although have made great progress over the last three years in
getting to a self-sustaining point. As things are improving we have been
making mutual arrangements with various projects whom also share some of
our goals. Trisquel being one of them.

We would like to offer you guys an opportunity to raise money for the
project by linking to us. We could offer a return on any sales of 25% of
the profits. While I doubt this will be a significant amount of money we
are seeing funds trickling to the Free Software Foundation on a regular
basis as well as the Trisquel project (a free distribution).

The way we have set it up for Trisquel is they simply link to
libre.thinkpenguin.com and a donation is added (at no cost to the user) to
the users shopping cart. In the case of Trisquel we also make some changes
to the site to ensure there is no promotion of non-free distributions to
its user base (we get rid of compatibility documentation for Ubuntu and
other non-free distributions for instance).

Christopher Waid
CEO - ThinkPenguin.com

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