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Kickstarter funding


Dear Lightspark users

I've been thinking about ways to contribute to Lightspark development while
not having a lot of time or skill as a C++ or ActionScript programmer.
(I also haven't joined Flattr because they currently refuse to support
OpenID; maybe I should give in. In any case I'm not wealthy.)
Two ideas came to mind.

The first is to make a Lightspark project on
in their "Technology" section.
My questions for the list here are: Could Lightspark development use more
funding? What would you spend it on? What is a reasonable finite project
(e.g. "make Lightspark work on all these sites: ..." or "complete
ActionScript implementation"; it can be long-term, it just needs to be
finite and well-defined) and reasonable funding required for it? Also,
would anyone be interested in setting up the project on Kickstarter? I note
that technology/software projects "should be run by the developers
themselves", but I think this could mean just getting input from one of
them if they don't want to be totally involved.

The second is to hire developers to work on specific bugs or feature
requests via a website like vWorker.com <http://www.vworker.com>. Would
this be welcome? Of course, this one depends on a source of money to pay
them. I could probably pay for one developer for one task, but this idea
might be better left until after the first one, for example.


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