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[Bug 1005829] Re: Power Management LAVA test failed on "checking 'ondemand' directory exists".


Hongbo, why do you think this is not a PM-QA bug?

As comment #1 correctly states, that the current generation of multi-
core ARM SoC don't allow their cpu frequencies to be changed separately.
IOW, both cores will change to the same frequency.

So our scripts should be checking the  following files in sysfs:
 * affected_cpus : List of CPUs that require software coordination of frequency.
 * related_cpus : List of CPUs that need some sort of frequency coordination, whether software or hardware.

For all cpus in affected_cpus, we shouldn't set different governors.

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  Power Management LAVA test failed on "checking 'ondemand' directory

Status in Linaro Samsung Landing Team Project:
Status in Linaro Power Management QA testsuite:

Bug description:
  On hardware pack:


  with ubuntu image:


  when run the power management LAVA test:


  There is a failed information:

  LAVA: (stdout) ###
  LAVA: (stdout) ### cpufreq_05:
  LAVA: (stdout) ### test 'ondemand' and 'conservative' trigger correctly the configuration directory
  LAVA: (stdout) ### https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/PowerManagement/Doc/QA/Scripts#cpufreq_05
  LAVA: (stdout) ###
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.0: checking 'ondemand' directory exists...                       pass
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.1: checking 'conservative' directory exists...                   pass
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.2: checking 'ondemand' directory is not there...                 pass
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.3: checking 'conservative' directory is not there...             pass
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.4: checking 'ondemand' directory exists...                       fail
  LAVA: (stdout) cpufreq_05.5: checking 'conservative' directory exists...                   pass

  All the other tests passed.

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