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[Blueprint sched-test-porting-to-android] Port sched Test cases to Android for BL MP Project Testing.


Blueprint changed by Alexander Sack:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [pwlars] create (private) git: DONE
  push changes into git: DONE
  Create Android.mk : DONE
  Build Android Sources : DONE
  create an initial skeleton test suite for "sched" in private git and post the location in the whiteboard: TODO
  add Android.mk build facilities to install the test suite in android images: TODO
- port of test cases to Android and put into sched test suite: TODO
+ port lklm test cases into the sched testsuite and hook it up for building in Android.mk: TODO
  complete a test build and validate that the tests are included in the build  (Fix Errors and warnings) : TODO
  [arm] fix tests from to produce clear pass/fail status: INPROGRESS
  review the pass/fail changes and update the sched test suite to include them: TODO
  Do re-work (if needed) : TODO
  test that the sched test suite works properly reporint pass/fail locally : TODO
  integrate sched test suite on Android full build: TODO
  Create script to run all tests as a testsuite: INPROGRESS
  Add lava-{android-}test wrapper to execute tests from LAVA: TODO

Port sched Test cases to Android for BL MP Project Testing.