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[Blueprint sched-test-porting-to-android] Port sched Test cases to Android for BL MP Project Testing.


Blueprint changed by Naresh Kamboju:

Whiteboard changed:
  [nkambo Sep 5, 2012] : Update
  Fix tests to return clear pass/fail status: INPROGRESS
  This work item has dependency with ARM team, we are discussing on developing a framework to define PASS FAIL test case results. this is under progress.
  since these test cases creates different loads, we have to have a frame work to define each test case  execution on little core or big core, how much time. if both the core at what point of time the test should take switch.
  According to the statistics of test case execution on each core and duration will be taken in to account to define. PASS FAIL.
  Here we need a have trace tool which could trace completed test case case provide statistics of cpu, time of execution and migration time while switching.
  [nkambo Sep 6, 2012] : update
  scheduler test plan doc
  [nkambo Sep 13, 2012] :  Test plan document has been updated with
  Dependency column.
  [nkambo Sep 13, 2012] : new three test cases have been ported to Android and shared with arm team.
  [nkambo Sep 13, 2012] : Communicated with Olivier Cozette. and found an update that,   Olivier  and Basil are working on test case decision making for PASS FAIL.
  [nkambo Sep 22, 2012] :
  created an initial skeleton test suite for "sched" in private git
  [nkambo Sep 22, 2012] :
  work items are updated with latest status.
  [nkambo Sep 24, 2012] :
  Build integration request sent to android.
  First time big.LITTLE MP build is happening on Android.
  [nkambo Sep 27, 2012] :
  New test entry "sched_tests" added in lava-android-test.
  [nkambo Oct 02, 2012] :
  Blocked: Since BL MP build do not have support for bl-arm-freq drivers. Without this driver we can not make logical cores to run on big and little frequencies. so test is not completed on Fastmodels.
  Testing on Hardware should be done once i receive TC2 Tiles H/W.
  [nkambo nov 1, 2012] :
  Test Execution on Android and Test Execution on Ubuntu  are blocked because of above reasons.
  [nkambo nov 19, 2012]:
  I have a plan to execute this test suite remote TC2 board.
  [nkambo nov 23, 2012]:
  test cases are missing in the bLMP open test build. the bug has been reported.
  after this bug fixed. I will resume testing.
+ [nkambo nov 27, 2012]:
+ after fixing the above bug (1082270) i have resumed testing and found one more issue in building tests with new ARM patch. so i have reported one more bug 
+ https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-big.little.mp/+bug/1083573
  Roadmap id: CARD-196
  Headline: sched tests have been integrated in Linaro's big.LITTLE test suite and are automatically run as part of continuous validation of big.LITTLE MP code in LAVA
  Acceptance: sched tests have been ported to android and tests are automatically run in LAVA daily builds of the big.LITTLE MP project; in absence of such a build; simple instructions are available to run the test suite in one command and lava compatible result format is produced. Also, a test plan document was created and signed off by big.LITTLE MP PM.

Port sched Test cases to Android for BL MP Project Testing.