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Weekly meetings - format updates


Hello mates,

If you're really short of time to read the whole email - please skip
directly to "THE SCENARIO" section below. For some reason it came out a
bit too long. :)

As we've shortly discussed on our previous week's IRC meeting, we need
to update the format of our meeting to keep it focused, interesting and
thus useful.

Previously it was used to get updates on the Blueprints from all of you,
but distributed processing is more efficient and now, when you are
updating your Blueprints, the initial purpose of the meeting is not
valid anymore.

The major question is - what do we need this meeting for?

Here are the ideas I managed to put down (please add yours):

    - To see each other at the same time at the same place (we're
      scattered between UTC+0000 to +0800) and see all the guys doing
      all that great work.

    - To share with others what you're working on, what are your recent
      achievements, what are the difficulties you're facing. From my
      previous experience I can say that this simple exchange of
      information quite often can result in quickly resolved issues or
      new ideas jumping out of the information being shared.

    - To let our subconsciousness help us - we load seemingly irrelevant
      information in and then we're getting invisible help from there
      when it's needed the most. :)

    - More?

So, what I'm suggesting us to try is to use this meeting for very quick
information exchange, more on the level of hinting rather then detailed
discussion. I think we can try the following scenario already on our
next meeting this week:


Section 1 - Announcements

    Meeting lead announces meeting start, names first three persons for
    the round table (section 2) and gives overall information that might
    be useful for the team (announcements and the like).

    Target duration is 5 minutes max.

Section 2 - The round table

    Meeting lead starts giving the "token" to each of the team members
    also naming the two next ones, e.g.:

        <amitk> mturquette: your turn (vingu, vireshk) 

    The purpose it to allow the next ones to prepare the text of the
    message to be pasted when it is his/her turn.

    The message consists of the answers to few simple questions:

        1. What have I completed/achieved since the last meeting?
        2. What am I working on at the moment/planning to work on?
        3. What are the issues I'm facing _or_ need help with?
        4. Things I'm worried about (if any)?

    Target duration is about 2 minutes per person to post the answers to
    the meeting channel. If, after reading those answers, there are no
    questions/comments, the token moves on. If there are some
    questions/comments, a short JIT discussion is taking place.

    Whenever that discussion requires more then 3-5 Q/A exchanges (~3
    mins), it should be done off the line after the meeting is over (the
    same channel can be used to allow those who's interested to see the
    conversation staying and participating).

Section 3 - Other stuff

    The third section of the meeting is dedicated to "other" stuff to be
    discussed. As an example, some plans for team meetings/connect can
    be quickly discussed (again - just hinting, no deep-and-lengthy
    discussions are expected here).

Section 4 - Discussions

    The meeting ends, everyone goes back to work (those, who wanted to
    discuss some topics raised in #2, just stay and discuss).

If you see something you don't like or know how to improve - let's
discuss and fix it. See a problem - send a patch! :)

Best Regards,
Serge Broslavsky <serge.broslavsky@xxxxxxxxxx>

Project Manager, Linaro
M: +37129426328  IRC: ototo  Skype: serge.broslavsky
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