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[Blueprint idle-injector-hotplug-research] Research idle cycle injection versus hotplug


Blueprint changed by Serge Broslavsky:

Work items changed:
  Work items for 2011.07:
  [mturquette] design cpuoffline framework: DONE
  [mturquette] separate hotplug policy implementation from TI's cpufreq-hotplug governor: DONE
  [mturquette] implement cpuoffline framework: DONE
  [mturquette] implement OMAP4 support for cpuoffline framework: DONE
  [mturquette] implement avg-load governor for cpuoffline framework: DONE
  [mturquette] post cpuoffline patches to linux-pm list: DONE
  Work items for 2011.08:
  [mturquette] integrate review comments from list: DONE
  [mturquette] Publish git tree with cpuoffline framework patches for integration: DONE
  [mturquette] define relevant measurements to compare across implementations: DONE
  [vincent-guittot] analyze power savings with and without CPUoffline support: DONE
  [mturquette] compare "raw" SMP CPUidle on Panda with the separated hotplug policy; publish the results for further discussion: DONE
- Work items for 2013.01:
+ Work items for 2013.02:
  [daniel-lezcano] study intel power clamp (idle injection) : INPROGRESS

Research idle cycle injection versus hotplug