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[Bug 1069786] Re: Suspend/Resume is working with some issue on Snowball android-JB build


on our snowball Linaro android jellybean release builds:

during *SUSPEND* state Backlight of HDMI monitor shown.

Logcat shown the following output:

W/HardwareRenderer( 2276): Backbuffer cannot be preserved
I/PowerManagerService( 2075): Going to sleep due to screen timeout...
D/SurfaceFlinger( 2061): Screen released, type=0 flinger=0x40a3c318
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 168K, 16% free 6285K/7444K, paused 35ms, total 35ms
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_CONCURRENT freed 566K, 14% free 6419K/7444K, paused 2ms+4ms, total 45ms
D/dalvikvm( 2075): WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 22ms
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 86K, 13% free 6483K/7444K, paused 37ms, total 37ms
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 62K, 14% free 6458K/7444K, paused 34ms, total 34ms
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 47K, 13% free 6483K/7444K, paused 35ms, total 35ms
D/PhoneStatusBar( 2163): disable: < expand icons alerts ticker system_info back home RECENT* clock SEARCH* >
V/TAG     ( 2075): bug 7643792: fitSystemWindows([0,19][0,0])
W/HardwareRenderer( 2075): Backbuffer cannot be preserved
D/PhoneStatusBar( 2163): disable: < expand icons alerts ticker system_info BACK* HOME* RECENT CLOCK* SEARCH >
D/dalvikvm( 2075): GC_CONCURRENT freed 569K, 12% free 6571K/7444K, paused 2ms+5ms, total 46ms
E/ThrottleService( 2075): problem during onPollAlarm: java.lang.IllegalStateException: problem parsing stats: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /pr
oc/net/xt_qtaguid/iface_stat_all: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

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Power Management Working Group, which is subscribed to Linaro PMWG

  Suspend/Resume is working with some issue on Snowball android-JB build

Status in Kernel related development for Power Management Working Group:

Bug description:
  Observed with snowball android JB build.

  Changed Display settings to 15 sec. Snowball board never goes to
  suspend mode even after waiting for 10 mins.

  same thing Observed with snowball android JB build




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