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[Bug 1223034] Re: LTP test suite has failures with the "syscalls" tests


max_map_count    0  TINFO  :  set overcommit_memory to 2
max_map_count    0  TINFO  :  set max_map_count to 64
max_map_count    1  TFAIL  :  66 map entries in total, but expected 64 entries
max_map_count    0  TINFO  :  set max_map_count to 256
max_map_count    2  TFAIL  :  258 map entries in total, but expected 256 entries

Test sets up value to /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count, then reads
/proc/PID/maps and counts number of maps.  In each test tests reports 2
additional maps.

Pass criteria:
		/* Note max_maps will be exceeded by one for
		 * the sysctl setting of max_map_count. This
		 * is the mm failure point at the time of
		 * writing this COMMENT!
		if (map_count == (max_maps + 1))
			tst_resm(TPASS, "%ld map entries in total "
				 "as expected.", max_maps);
			tst_resm(TFAIL, "%ld map entries in total, but "
				 "expected %ld entries", map_count, max_maps);

And there is filter for x86:

/* This is a filter to exclude map entries which aren't accounted
 * for in the vm_area_struct's map_count.
#if defined(__x86_64__) || defined(__x86__)
static int filter_map(char *buf)
	return strcmp(buf, "[vsyscall]") == 0;

So test counted one more mmap then it is expected. And it's not clear
for the first look what is it (needed arm specific filter?)

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  LTP test suite has failures with the "syscalls" tests

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Bug description:
  The following cases fails when LTP is run against the LNG kernel


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