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Re: Planning LottaNZB 0.6


Phew, that is I guess the most text I have ever read at one time in my whole
live. :-)

Welcome to the team Eran, I'm very happy to see another person where I can
learn a lot from! As I don't study anymore myself, I pretty much depend on
myself and others to get my knowledge. Which kind off only started a few
days back. ^^

I'm really for the whole modular thing as it keeps everything ordered and
easy to maintain and/or extend. Though my contributions for 0.6 will be slow
and painful, thank god there is a mentoring feature!

As for switching from Kiwi to PyGTK, I think this is a good decision to
make. As Severin mentioned, this allows you to create a framework for
LottaNZB alone. Which should be smaller, faster and easier to maintain. This
really is the way to go, I guess.

I do have a question though, will the 0.5 series be supported after the
release of 0.6? Because there might be people that do not switch to SABnzbd
but do want to use LottaNZB. I know it's hard to believe though, since
hellanzb really is outdated/absolute by now. But it IS a posibility there
are people that think this way.

Any way, let's make 0.6 the best possible frontend for SABnzbd! :-)

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