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Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy & Slow)


I think we should go with Firefox. However, OpenOffice would solve the
problem of having no presentation software if we went with Abiword &
Gnumeric. We could use these tweaks to speed up OpenOffice. >>>

By going "small", we will achieve the objective of achieving a lightweight
distro. However, I still think a good out of the box experience, as long as
we keep it to a minimal. So by having a few basic utilities (such as
synaptic), need a few must have apps (such as web browser, office apps,
chat, media player). we can still achieve a user friend lightweight distro.
Its all about getting the right balance.

Maybe another Lubuntu IRC Meeting could be useful to discuss my points. It
would be great to have an application list set in time for Karmic. Could be
Lubuntu's first release????


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