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Lubuntu 9.10 and plans for Lubuntu Lucid



Ubuntu 9.10 will be released soon, and with it Lubuntu 9.10. Well, this
release is just a "technical" release, as for now Lubuntu only exists
with the lubuntu-desktop package. ISO are not provided officially, as
Lubuntu is not yet an official flavor of Ubuntu. Lubuntu also lacks many
features and improvements, such as original artwork, default settings
etc ...

So, as we already said on this mailing, the real first release of
Lubuntu should be for Lucid (10.04), in six months.

To prepare it, I began to write 3 specifications [1] about the futur
Lubuntu, to hold discussion about some aspects of it. I hope to be at
the Ubuntu UDS [2] to work on them. Feel free to contribute to them
(with constructive arguments, not troll please :)) 

Nothing is decided, and help in various aspects to make Lubuntu 10.04
rocking, will be very appreciate :)

Julien Lavergne