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Re: Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 3 "Shiny"


Thanks for the test.

Le vendredi 26 février 2010 à 22:16 +0300, Mikhail Maksimov a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a strange issue with the installer: if I start an English
> LiveCD session, then try to install a Russian version of Lubuntu, the
> installer displays "???????" strings on the keyboard layout selection
> screen (see attached screenshot). I type some (Latin) chars into the
> test box and click "Next" without changing anything else. After I
> click through to screen #6 (user information), I cannot proceed since
> the keyboard is somehow blocked: no alphanumeric keys work at all.
> However, something else works: space, enter, arrows, ins, home, end,
> del, pageup, pagedown, "|" and "\" (same key with and without Shift),
> maybe something else (don't know how to test Ctrl, Alt, Esc,
> functionals, etc.)
> Installing a Russian version from a Russian LiveCD session works fine.
> Selecting German or some Indian layout (line #8 from the bottom of the
> list) works in an English LiveCD session. ("Works" means it does not
> lock the keyboard, I didn't run any installation to the end so far.)
> Selecting Greek l11n from an English LiveCD session yields those
> "??????" lines, but does not lock the keyboard.
> I understand this can be the "base" Ubuntu issue, but currently I have
> no time to download the daily iso and play with it, sorry. Hopefully
> someone else can do it...
Yes probably, or maybe it's the lack of language support on the Live-CD.
It's something to test when the installer will be more stable.

> Sincerely,
> Mikhail Maksimov
> PS There're also some annoying ureadahead error messages during the
> boot, but those don't seem to be harmful. I have also seen such
> messages when I tested 20100215 iso on a physical machine. I think
> someone else mentioned those here on the list, too.
Yes, but the standard version of Ubuntu have also this messages. So I
hope it will be fixed in the future :)

Julien Lavergne