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Re: xfburn and hal


Am Samstag, 27. Februar 2010 23:05:18 schrieb Julien Lavergne:
> Le samedi 27 février 2010 à 20:10 +0100, M. Daub a écrit :
> > Hello *,
> > 
> > one big goal of the new release of ubuntu is to remove hal.
> The goal is only on the Ubuntu desktop, not the whole archive.
Sorry for assumeing that it's a principle for the whole ubuntu-family. It 
seems that all big distros thinking about replaceing hal:


> > With shipping xfburn in lubuntu there would be a necessity for hal,
> > because xfburn really needs hal.
> > Wouldn't it be better to use brasero?
> > Even xubuntu ships brasero.
> I prefer that Lubuntu depends on hal instead of half of the GNOME
> desktop.
Trying to install brasero aptitude just wants to download:
- brasero
- brasero-common
- dvd+rw-tools
- genisoimage
- libbeagle1
- libbrasero-media0
- libgmime-2.4-2
- libnautilus-extension1
- libtotem-plparser17
- wodim

That's just 2.7 MB to download (and not the half gnome-desktop ;-) )

It's jm2c to mention, that it could be dangerous to depend on something that 
is deprecated by big influential groups.

Ok, it's after feature-freeze, so maybe next time...

Best Regards