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Re: Power management issue


> What kind of problem do you have ? For me it's the contrary, gpm works
> better than xfce-power-manager.
Most of annoying I get with lucid is wrong "critical battery" message
from gpm when unplug AC-cable with charged battery.

Though it probably upower issue or "hardware related" - xfpm do not
have this problem (version 0.9.90 works with upower too).
In addition xfpm has more setting. I was planning to use "do nothing"
or "ask" action, gpm forces me to ether hibernate or suspend. Even
plugging back AC did not help (that other bug)

In fact there was other bugs with gpm that prevent me to use Karmic on
my netbook.
It is LG X110 but must of the problems are similar with MSI Wind and
other clones.

It is all I can say about.

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