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Indicator applets support in lxpanel



I played a bit with the indicators applets (the new applets of the
gnome-panel, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MessagingMenu for an example).
I managed to hack something to see what is the impact of them on a LXDE
panel and in Lubuntu, because it's a feature requested :)

If the result is visually similar to the gnome-panel (see the attached
screenshot), there is major problems :
- very few applications have an indicator support on Lubuntu (only
Pidgin for the message indicator)
- installing any indicator applet bring a lot of depends : The sound
indicator bring pulseaudio, the "quit" indicator bring gnome-session and
gdm ... even the message indicator bring a lot of gnome depends.
- it's not memory free, any indicator bring 4Mb of RAM, which is not
terrible, but quite expensive for example, for a sound applet ...

I think the support for activated them shouldn't be too hard to
integrate in lxpanel. But no indicator applets is now usable in Lubuntu.

Julien Lavergne 

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