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Boot problems with latest kernels


bob@lub32:~$ uname -a
Linux lub32 2.6.35-2-generic #3-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 10 03:23:25 UTC
2010 i686 GNU/Linux

This is the kernel which still boots for me.  35-3 and 35-4 have been
installed, but they hang with the all to familiar "Failed due to
unknown userid (0)" which I gather is still being investigated.

I'm a bit puzzled, because I asked one other person and they hadn't
been offered any kernel later than 2.6.32-22-generic.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems, and if they've found
any work-around?

It's perhaps worth noting that, simultaneous with installing the
alpha-1 of Lubuntu, I installed the alpha-1 of Ubuntu on the same
computer.  Ubuntu is not displaying this particular problem.

When I turn off quiet and splash from the Grub boot command, I can see
that a few other commands get executed before the actual freeze:

After the GLib-WARNING line about the unknown userid, I see these lines:

Starting AppArmor profiles  [ok]
Starting NTP Server ntpd  [ok]
Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd  [ok]

This is where the hang then occurs.  No key combination except
Ctrl-Alt-Del is recognized.  Once Ctrl-Alt-Del is hit, I see some
other text fly by too fast to read, and then it reboots and I'm back
to the BIOS.

It's worth noting, perhaps, that even with the kernel which still
boots, I still see the GLib-WARNING line, but things manage to
continue past there to the normal lxdm login prompt.

If this isn't already known and being studied, then please advise as
to any information you would like from my system.  It's just a
garden-variety old AMD 3800+ with 4G of really slow DDR400 memory, and
an nvidia GT7300 graphics card running the nvidia-current driver.

I'm not running the proposed repository.

Thanks for any help or ideas.


There is one other, relatively minor, problem that they do both share.
 Today's first batch of updates removed the VLC media player from
both.  I installed it again, with no seeming ill effects.  It didn't
ask to uninstall anything else to allow VLC back into the game.

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