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Re: lubuntu cpu scaling....


Well, with my old AMD 3800+ X2, I have three steps: 1G, 1.8G and 2G.
I got a very similar output to the OP's when I installed cpufreqd:

  current CPU frequency is 1000 MHz.
  cpufreq stats: 2.00 GHz:6.49%, 1.80 GHz:0.40%, 1000 MHz:93.11%  (394)

I tried setting it to "performance" and got the expected 2G all the
time.  It appears to default to "ondemand" which is, I think, the best
default in general.

Without cpufreqd installed, everything indicates that I'm running at
1G almost all the time, which is what I would expect.  It will only
kick in the warp engines when there's a real need to do so.

Having said that, I'm not sure I see any problem.  It seems to be
handling my AMD in just the way I prefer, and allows me to modify it.

If there's something specific I should try to help test this, let me know.


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