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Multi-core, frequency scaling, etc.


I thought I should break this out of the first thread, which was
becoming confusing with multiple topics.

Phill wrote:

> I don't have a dual core, can you have a look through the instructions, feel free to post it up as "Dual Core work in progress" on the baby area and leave a note on it to say you're still working on it. As I do not have dual core, I can not give any input at all. I'm sure Adam will be happy to chat with you over it.

Um, I'd be glad to, except I'm not clear that this has anything to do
with how many cores one has.  It's a CPU frequency-scaling issue.
Were there any single-core processors which had frequency-scaling?
Maybe, I don't know.

I'm also unclear if there's any problem.  All indications I've seen is
that frequency-scaling is working fine, and over-heating problems must
be due to something else.  Have I missed something?  I freely admit
that I sometimes don't read as carefully as I should. :)