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Direct UDisks support for libfm and pcmanfm is finished!


I just finished direct udisks support for libfm and pcmanfm.
But it's not yet merged back to trunk.
I want to do more tests before the merge.
Please help test it.
After checking out the latest source code of libfm from git, switch to
udisks branch.

git checkout --track -b udisks origin/udisks
(Tutorial: http://www.gitready.com/intermediate/2009/01/09/checkout-remote-tracked-branch.html)

Then you can test it. Nothing in pcmanfm need to be changed. You only
need to update libfm and it works.
Adding show_internal_volumes=1 to [config] section of
~/.config/libfm/libfm.conf can let you show system internal volumes in
side panes even when udisks asks us to hide them.

If it works well, I'll merge this back to master branch soon.
With this, gvfs is not needed for volume management. Only dbus and
udisks are needed and it's quite lightweight.


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