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Video Problem


Hi everybody:

Since ubuntu 9.10 i have problems with the driver for my video card. It's an
old Ati radeon mobility m6 and the way it works is with the open driver
provided by ubuntu for those cards 'cause the pivative driver doesn't work
for me at all.
Well, back in 9.10 the problem was that somethings were shown wrong, others
were not shown but everything was quite fast as i remember. Now in
10.04 everything
is SLOW!, splashscreen at startup and at closing shows every color existant
and sometimes some window borders are not shown.

I want to help with this, testing the last driver, sending reports... i
don't know... want to do something but i don't know how or where. Maybe
someone could point me in the right direction...

Ubuntu user #29.157
(When is Lubuntu gonna be in the 'options' of 'ubuntu user'??)