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Recent progress


I've been quiet recently because I'm too busy at work. Now it's time
for some status report. I'm still busy this week, but next week I'll
have more time.
1. The new LXAppearance and its obconf plugin seem to work well and no
big issue was found so far. Later I'll fix the translation problems.
Then it's time to have a new release. I noticed that Andrea Florio
bump the version number directly from 0.2.0 to 0..5.0. Is this version
number good?

2. I started to work on LightDM developed by Robert Ancell and already
finished a new gtk+ greeter which is more flexible than the default
one. It's highly themable and the theme can be edited with Glade in a
WYSIWYG way, which makes it unique. The code is here:
Of course, it's for the brave, not for daily use. Use at your own risks.

3. Theme support of LXLauncher has been added in a branch, but the
implementation is not good enough. Maybe I'll try to port the theming
part of my LightDM greeter to it. The greeter is very simple and
flexible. Dgod, if you want, you can port it to lxdm, too. It should
be very simple and requires modification of less than 100 lines of

4. File searching utility is added to PCManFM during Google SoC by
Shae Smittle, but it's not yet integrated with the latest git. Later
he'll do it after school work gets settled.

5. GPicView has been rewritten during GSoC and it now became feature
rich. However it's still too buggy for daily use. Later I'll try to
fix it for shk.

6. The file manager is still buggy. I fixed some of them and others
are still being worked on. I hope there can be 0.9.8 release at the
end of this month.

Here are the status updates for LXDE.

Thank you all.

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