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State of Lubuntu-desktop PPA



Before the release of Lubuntu 10.10, I would like to clarify the use of
lubuntu-desktop PPA [1] for Maverick.

1. You don't need it to run Lubuntu, or to upgrade to 10.10. All
necessary changes are in the official repository. If you just want to
run a "normal" Lubuntu version, just remove this PPA.

2. Only the installer (ubiquity) will be used in this PPA, and only to
build the iso.

3. Some extras packages will be added to the PPA, for testing purpose :
 - Lxkeymap, to change keyboard layout
 - Lubuntu-control-center, a central place for settings
 - Lxappareance plugin for openbox settings (if I fix the build
Those packages will be updated during the Natty cycle, but they could be
in an unstable state at any time.

Maybe others packages will be added if it's needed for wider testing.

Julien Lavergne

[1] https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa

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