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10.10 beta installer memory requirements


Hi, all.

I was testing the 10.10 betas  on a low-spec machine and found that, for
both versions, with 256 Mb RAM the Live CD session starts normally, but
launching the installer kills the system in a creative way: everything
disappears except the wallpaper and mouse pointer (I mean, menu, installer
icon, lxtask that I started earlier), however Ctrl+Alt+F(n) works and from a
text console "ps ax | grep ubiq" shows nothing, the installer process is

lxtask says I have 243 MB of RAM installed, top says I've got 249844k total
memory. AFAIK swap partitions get used silently by Live CD if present, so I
cleared the partition table before running tests.

Adding another 128 Mb stick to the box solves the problem, so I believe it
really is the RAM amount that matters. Unfortunately all my 32  and 64 Mb
sticks fail so I cannot be any more precise.

Thus the current beta does not seem to be installable with "not less than
160 Mb" as stated in the wiki. I'm wondering if it's permanent, or just the
"beta effect" which may get fixed when and if the "install" menu item works,
not just the "try" one.

If anyone can confirm or correct my findings it is good to have it all
documented in the wiki.

Mikhail Maksimov

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