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Finding Lubuntu-related information


Hi, list.

I always have trouble finding some vital information regarding Lubuntu.
Maybe it's just me, but it takes definitely more than a couple of
mouseclicks to find out, e.g., the status of latest testing iso, its
version, release date, download location, etc. Also, I've seen a link to IRC
logs somewhere, but cannot find it again, and googling for "lubuntu irc log"
does not show the required item on the first page, you really have to know
that there's one site for publishing logs for all ubuntu-related channels,
and search for _ubuntu_ irc logs, then navigate to the selected date and
channel manually...

IMHO such "small navigation problems" may cause newcomers to not actively
join the team. It may even happen that a would-be tester not do any actual
good just because he/she does not find the latest beta! I've just updated
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing with minimal info regarding beta2,
however I believe it can be further elaborated. And probably beta1-related
part should be removed. Huh, and probably the news section of
lubuntu.netcan also be updated with beta2 info.

I'm not really good at writing human-readable texts, and I just don't have
any more time at the moment. Is anyone willing to add more updates to
lubuntu sites?


PS Are the command to md5sum the CD and the checksum on h
for beta2? Please double-check.

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