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Re: indicator applet


Le jeudi 07 octobre 2010 à 01:49 +0200, Rafael Laguna a écrit :
> Any idea about loading the app-menu indicator on lxpanel? It doesn't
> appear nothing! (nor messaging-menu)

Make sure you have indicator-me and indicator-appmenu packages
installed. After that, you need to reboot. Be aware that it will bring
many new depends. You can do "sudo apt-get install
--no-install-recommends indicator-appme indicator-me" to limit this.

Others indicators available:
indicator-datetime : a clock
indicator-me : Me menu (for IM status)
indicator-messages : Messages from applications (only pidgin supported
for Lubuntu)
indicator-network : front-end to connman, a network manager (different
from NM)
indicator-session : Session manager (Log in/out, reboot etc ...).
Support for LXDM is very limited, but if you use GDM, it's better.
indicator-sound : support for sound control (warning, you need
pulseaudio !)

Julien Lavergne