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Re: gaia theme


Gaia theme is an interface product from the Gaia Project (great work,
guys!) and, originally, was for Windows and Mac only. They have updated
the suite with a few elements for Linux, but there aren't icon themes
yet. You can install the gtk themes in Lubuntu unpacking the tar.gz into
".themes" folder. For using emerald you need to activate composition
effects (see instructions here) or use Compiz (heavy). Anyway, if you
like these suites, here're a few links that may help you:

from DeviantArt

      * gtk
      * fluxbox
      * xfwm
      * pidgin
      * winamp (or xmms)
      * dock icons (not a theme)
      * Neue Suite (gtk, emerald, tint)
      * Neue Updated (gtk, emerald)
      * Neue V2 (only gtk)

from Gaia10 project

      * Sprout (emerald, gnome panel, gtk)
      * chrome (or chromium)
      * chrome transparency (or chromium)
      * pekwm

Hope this was useful.


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