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Re: Lubuntu on Intel and i586


On 10/15/2010 01:23 AM, Ben Coleman wrote:
> I've just found out that with 10.10, standard Ubuntu has dropped support
> for i586 and lower processors.  Does this affect the 10.10 Lubuntu?
> I've got an AMD K6-2/500(i586-class) desktop I thought would be an ideal
> candidate for Lubuntu, but now I'm wondering if it will even install.
> Ben

We had today that kind of problem on #lubuntu channel.
Here's the problem line:

Thu16:05 <xxxxxx> I have an older Compaq 500 Mhz 512MB RAM 80GB HDD.
I've installed Xubuntu but it seems to be using up too many resources.
Someone suggested I try Lubuntu. When I burned a CD and tried though, it
says I lack 'cmov' and to try another kernel. Any suggestions?

And we discussed with phillw about this issue and we were sure it was
becouse of 10.10 is i686 and his CPU is i585.

You can try with USB stick if 10.10 works, but I doubt.

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