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LXDE + OOo Impress + Ubuntu / Lubuntu--> squeezed subscripts


Just joined Lubuntu on Launchpad in my search for a forum for this
problem. I was recommended to try this at the lxde forum.

I have been using Eeebuntu 3.0 LXDE beta on my EeePC 900. It's been
working great, except for this one thing. I use it at work for
presentations with OOo Impress, but in slide show mode subscript letters
get squeezed together and look terrible. This makes it quite useless
with science-related stuff.

So I changed to Lubuntu 10.04, but the problem remained. The issue
doesn't seem hardware specific as it was reproduced on an old Dell
Optiplex GX60. I should also say that OOo Writer works OK in this

I decided that the problem might be Ubuntu or Debian specific so I
installed the Fedora 13 LXDE respin. And the problem is gone! 

Today I thought I might try Lubuntu 10.10. Same problem!

So I suppose I can use Fedora, and that's it. However, I would like to
stay with Ubuntu because I use it on my other computers and would like
to avoid having to learn another distribution from scratch.

Any ideas? Thanks. /Mårten

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