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Re: Lubuntu 10.10 RMX


On 11/09/2010 11:23 PM, Leszek Lesner wrote:
Am Dienstag 09 November 2010, 18:47:12 schrieb T.Beemster:
On 11/09/2010 06:40 PM, 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) wrote:
Ok, it seems that your goal is a Lubuntu Remix. Nice job and nice
customization. But I have to disappoint you. The Lubuntu artwork is
not intended or designed to be cool, just practical and simple, as
possible. Despite my words, I'm not offended, but there's a difference
between using OUR artwork and using the Orta GTK and many other
elements, that you must consider on mentioning GPL (or whatever)

Anyway, you can always vote on the next artwork poll...
I disagree on you there. His goal was to make a working lubuntu system
for his laptop, and it worked out well for him, so he was kind enough to
share it with the mailing list. (That's my opinion on it).
And I don't see why the artwork should be simple/basic. I mean some
simple things will improve the appearance of lubuntu hugely, in my opinion.
I might be wrong about this, but I think whether you have a bad computer
or a really good one, (almost) everyone likes eyecandy. But again, this
is just my humble opinion and based on no research whatsoever.
The Artwork needs to be strict and clear and give the user the impression of a
corporate identity. So that even without seeing the Lubuntu logo you will
guess from the colors used and how they are mixed up together: "Oh that must
be lubuntu".
The strict direction or dogma Lubuntu follows here is "Be simple" (don't know
if its only inoffical or somewhere offically written down) . That is good and
should not be changed drastically. (Changing a brand or corporate identiy to
drastically does not work, some folks here in germany [perhaps also in europe]
might know the disaster with Raider becoming Twix in the 90s)
There are some good websites like box-look.org and gnome-look.org aswell as
kde-look.org to get good wallpaper, icon sets and even openbox themes.
One interesting idea I had was perhaps creating a special lubuntu-themes-extra
package which could contain some community created themes. This package may
then be make public on the lubunt ppa and later perhaps also become a part of
the official ubuntu repository. If there is enough space on the disk we could
also ship it default installed.
But don't get me wrong on this. The basic theme we ship now is good enough. We
should focus more on polishing the desktop experience for the user.
Fixing bugs and perhaps adding some interesting features.
Experimenting with Remixes can be a help to improve your/our own knowledge and
can give as some hind on how to improve some things. But with that said, I
don't think everyone now should start its own remix :P
I think you convinced me. But I think the idea of making some extra themes available is a good idea, as there is not much choice now. And as Julien already said, it's just a matter of taste, it's a good thing to have the brand look simple, but others might want more from this and others want more from that, so it would be cool to have some package :)