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Re: Deadbeef in Lubuntu PPA


In my machine:
Aqualung:    28%CPU / 28 Mb Ram
Deadbeef:    15-17%CPU / 24 Mb Ram

Audacious:   9%CPU / 19 Mb Ram (my favourite)

For others:

Less RAM consumption scenario:
Deadbeef           80% CPU usage   23 MB RAM
Aqualung                50% CPU usage   26 MB RAM

Less CPU consumption scenario:
Deadbeef : 18 % CPU / 25 Mb RAM
Aqualung : 25 % CPU / 33 Mb RAM

I tested them on a 731mhz 256MB ram Machine, so far between Deadbeef and
Aqualung i prefer from far Deadbeef.

But let me tell you that the behaviour of Audacious compared to these two
others is far better. Is there something that i'm missing with this program?

Ubuntu user #29.157 (Lubuntu 10.04)
Linux user #522.597

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