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Suggestions for LXPanel & GPicView


First things first:
Is it possible to add a feature that you can move "programs" in lxpanel?
Like I have first started chromium and then urxvt and I want that urxvt
to be first in the listing on lxpanel? Before the Chromium, in Gnome
that's possible and I use it alot.

And I think I've mailed to PCMan (don't know if the email address was
right) about GPicView and support for RAW Files.
I have DCRAW installed, but GPicView does not use it for showing a huge
RAW image, instead it shows me a 160x120 image (thumbnail or something).

I'm really waiting for the RAW support, becouse that's one thing that
lacks me using Lubuntu on my Desktop computer as I'm not Chuck Norris of
photography who can shoot jpeg's with DSLR ;)
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