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1) Lubuntu with encrypted home + 2)LibreOffice Impress works!


1) I tried installing to my netbook, choosing encrypted home. That
didn't work out well, and my problems seem largely to match those
reported under the bug "encrypted home-folder not unlocked when login"
in Launchpad. I am not so good at deciphering the current situation with
this issue. Can someone help me? Is there a way of getting Ubuntu with
encrypted home at the moment?

2) I have previously posted about my problem to get subscripts display
properly in OpenOffice Impress under lxde + ubuntu which has caused me
to use the Fedora LXDE respin instead. I now tried LibreOffice RC1 in
Lubuntu and the problem is gone! So one reason to stay away from Lubuntu
is resolved.

Thank you and regards,


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