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Fwd: [Lxde-list] ozon gtk theme


Hi everyone,

the following came in through the LXDE mailing list. Simon has some
feedback on themes for Natty.

Ciao Mario

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From: Simon Steinbeiß <simon.steinbeiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2011/1/19
Subject: [Lxde-list] ozon gtk theme
To: lxde-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone,
I just quickly wanted to say hello as I stumbled upon your proposed
default theme for Natty today.
I haven't been involved in Lubuntu at all and I haven't really been
following your project (simply not enough time), but I wanted to say
that I worked on Bluebird for Xubuntu (also based on Zuki Blues).

It seems you plan on using the theme as it comes and I wanted to share
my experience with that. The dependencies on the pixmap and equinox can
be removed without major damage to the theme's look, but providing a
lot better performance (at least that was my outcome after working on
it for Xubuntu Maverick).
Basically I have replaced the relevant parts with murrine and the
menubar-pixmap was changed (in fact you could also remove that, I guess
I just started working on it too late in the cycle), so if you're
looking for Zuki Blues without equinox and pixmap feel free to grab
Bluebird and change the menubar back. The rest is more or less as it
was (or: revamped with murrine) and a few issues (namely OpenOffice and
Firefox) have been fixed.

If you need my help or are looking for more comments on this issue,
feel free to contact me either via email or via irc (#xubuntu-devel,
#shimmer) on freenode.

Note: I don't subscribe to your list (too many already in my inbox), so
please include my email-address when replying to this thread - given
you want me to read the reply.

Cheers and good luck for Natty,

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