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Re: Need tests for 10.10 (maverick) updated



On 01/27/2011 03:50 PM, Julien Lavergne wrote:

> I pushed some fixes for Lubuntu 10.10 (maverick), but they need
> testing to be included in official repository : ...

> Basicly, you need to test on a 10.10 system with -proposed repository
> activated, follow the test case ...

Two questions:

(1) "On a 10.10 system" -- is testing in a virtual machine inside
VirtualBox acceptable for this purpose, or does this absolutely require
a dedicated *physical* 10.10 system?

(2) Are we talking about an Lubuntu 10.10 installation, or a stock
Ubuntu 10.10 desktop installation (with GNOME etc.), as the test platform?

My main desktop machine currently runs 10.04.1 LTS, but I have a bunch
of VirtualBox VMs I can use for this kind of testing, if that would be



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