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Re: Members list


On 01/31/2011 02:44 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> I've had a couple of people suggest that we put the
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Get%20Involved/WhoWeAre
> page into some sort of order. I can do it by name, IRC nick or language
> (language being my preferred one), ...

Can we ask what purpose the ordering is expected to serve?  In
techie-speak, are there any use cases defined for this database? :)

To me, language seems a slightly odd choice of primary sort key,
especially since it is primary language only (some of us speak more than
one)... and as long as I can communicate about with someone about
Lubuntu in some language that we both know, I don't care all that much
what their primary language is... I just want to communicate with them.

Timezone info is on Launchpad anyway, assuming people set it (!), so it
is currently just a click away from the WhoAreWe list.  Do we need to
duplicate that info on the wiki, and then update it in two places as we
move around the world?  Is the benefit worth the cost?

Ordering by "seniority" or "date added" as it is now (longest-serving
members at the top, new people add themselves to the end of the list)
also has some value, as that is information which would be lost (well,
except by laboriously looking back through wiki history) if the list
were re-ordered at all.  If we re-order, should a "date-added" column be
introduced so that info is not accidentally lost?

SUMMARY: This seems like a "bike-shedding" kind of a topic :)  However,
since you asked, I'd suggest order by "date added" -- in other words,
leave it as it is.  But I'm interested in hearing about use cases which
are helped by a different ordering.


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