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Hiyas Guys and Girls,

No idea how it happened, but just so are all aware the lubuntu iso's
vanished from my server area.. They're investigating. I'll re-email once it
is resolved.

Apologies for any extra support calls it causes.


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From: iWeb Technologies Inc. <contact@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 1 February 2011 16:02
Subject: Transcript of your chat
To: Phill <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx>

 The following is a transcript of your chat session.

  General Info
 *Chat start time*  Feb 1, 2011 10:49:06 AM EST *Chat end time*  Feb 1, 2011
11:02:18 AM EST *Duration (actual chatting time)*  00:13:12 *Operator*  Hamid

 Chat Transcript
 info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Hamid H.'
Hamid H.: Welcome to iWeb's live chat service ! How may I assist you today ?
Phill: hi, I have permission to host Lubuntu isos on phillw.net - I have
just been told that the links no longer work - when I go to my file area ALL
the iso images are gone.
Hamid H.: give me a second i'll check
Phill: As I'm on a 3G device and charged for bandwidth, to say I am not
happy is an understatement.
Hamid H.: sorry for delay
Hamid H.: so, in order to fix that issue i did submit a request to our
advanced tech.
Hamid H.: they will contact you for more details
Phill: thank you, it is used as a reserve for people who cannot torrent. As
you will see, I'm still classed as low resource user - We do ask people to
use the torrents.
Hamid H.: yes of course
Hamid H.: i'll take of this
Phill: thanks for raising a support ticket.
Hamid H.: you are welcome